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Download the Wish List in PDF Format

Wood County Christian School faculty has compiled a “Wish List” of items that will enhance the learning environment for our students. Many of the items would be placed in specific rooms or departments. Some items would be used school-wide. If you would like to purchase an item or make a donation toward an item, please contact Dan Ellis in the Business Office at 304-375-2000, ext. 163.

K4 – Mrs. Pickrell

Froggy Feeding Fun $25
Scented Dough $25
Listening Lotto: Faces and Feelings $16
Listening Lotto: Sounds on the Farm $26
Knobby balls $60
Rainbow block starter set $71
Kinetic Sensory Sand $20
Mold & Play Sensory Sand Set $35
Feel & Find Sensory Tubs $133
Learn the Alphabet Dough Mat $15
Hands On Graphing Tray $15

K5 – Miss Spencer

Cubby with 10 Trays $309
Cubby with 10 Trays $309
Five senses theme box $74
Life Cycles Theme Box $74
Community & Cares Theme Box $74
Rhyming Sounds Teaching Tub $74
Early Math Instant Learning Centers $282
Comfy Classroom Carpets $282
Sound-it-Out Word Stretchers $27
Vowel Teaching Tubs $87

1st Grade – Mrs. Fincher

Wire letter size desk tray (black) – 2  $13
Electric pencil sharpener  $48
Stereo/Mono headphones – 5  $50
DIY Giant pumpkin photo bulletin board puzzle  $15
Reading Rainbow web video subscription  $50
Mr. Sketch Scented Markers $5
Mr. Sketch Scented Markers (Chisel) $8
Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Set $61
Lego Classic Medium Creative Set $25

2nd grade – Mrs. Davis

Magic School Bus DVD set  $66
HDTV  $450
Wall mount for TV  $80
Life Cycle posters $15
Answer buzzers $15
Portable CD player $35
Write-on/Wipe-off Graphic Organizers

3rd Grade- Mrs. Anderson

Document Camera $150
Whiteboard $620

4th Grade- Mrs. Conaway

Aquarium supplies & fish $100
Solar System Mapping Tool $20
Digital Microscope $48
Simple Machines Set $37

5th Grade- Mrs. Postlewait

Chapter books for classroom library
Black book baskets $35
Know the States game $30
Sketch pads $30

Band- Mr. Dubs

12 Music Stands $559
Digital Piano $400

Mrs. Michael- Science Classes

“Build It Write” $52
Introduction to Electricity Student Kits $158
Voltaic Cell $40
K’NEX Simple Machines Student Kits $344
Water Rocket Student Kits $87
Balancing Chemical Equations Student Kits $50
Reaction Types Demonstration Kit $37
Spectrum Analysis Set with Power Supply $344

Robotics- Mrs. Michael

EV3 Core Set $390
EV3 Color Sensor $40
EV3 Large Servo Motor $25
EV3 Medium Servo Motor $20
EV3 Touch Sensor $20

Secondary Phys Ed.

Portable Ball Storage $191

Mrs. L. Smith

Monocot & Dicot Comparison Slide/CD Set $125
Onion Mitosis $95
Mobile Laptop Charging Station $815
2 Microscopes $500
Heavy duty table (2) $600


Oil Pastel Set $79
Non-Toxic Round Large Oil Paste $60
Cork Map Rail $158
Air Conditioner $460

Mrs. Garrett

25 Texas Instruments Scientific Calculators $310
Texas Instruments TI-84 Overhead View $340
Bulletin Bar Self-Seating Cork Strips $28
ACT Prep Guide $26

Elementary PE

Fun Gripper Volleyballs $78
Catch Pads $279
Spot Markers (6 Sets) $60
12′ Parachute $48
30′ Parachute $213
35 Jump Ropes $35

Extension- Mrs. Lindsey

Fraction Circle Stamps $14
Drawer Bin $28
Bookcase $62

Mrs. Morris

Electric Pencil Sharpener $30
“Beyond Borders” DVD Set $201
Silla Caliente $20
Julius Caesar DVD $22
Cannon Rebel Camera (Yearbook) $530
Cannon For Dummies $23
Document Camera $99


Video Series $70

Computer Lab

12 Chairs to Match Current $899


Comfort Mats $65 each
Kitchen Aid Mixer $250
Utility Cart $80
Flatbed Cart $32


Tough Duty Basketball System $600
Funnel Ball $450

Junior High

Lockers $4000

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Raise Money for WCCS While Doing Your Everyday Shopping

Raise Money for Wood County Christian School
While Doing Your Everyday Shopping!

Did you know you can raise money for Wood County Christian School while doing your everyday shopping? All you have to do is purchase a gift card for any of your favorite retailers and use  it in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for purchases you were going to make anyway! Each card purchased carries an associated “contribution” of 2-15% or more!
  • To purchase SCRIP gift cards, please contact the school office for information. 



  • Dining Out – Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and more!
    You can make a contribution to WCCS while enjoying a night out of the kitchen? Gift cards are available from the nation’s most popular casual dining spots through our program. Buy them from us for purchases you were going to make anyway. Pay face value, and help us with this fund-raising effort.
  • Drive Thu – Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Arby’s, Subway, Wendy’s, and more!
    Do you kick start your day with an early cup of coffee? Kick off your fundraising for WCCS at the same time!Whether it be breakfast or a late night snack, using giftcards for your favorite fast food drive thru will help fundraise for our school. Make sure to stock up and keep them in your glove compartment.
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    Skyrocketing gas prices are on everyone’s mind! But did you know you can still make a contribution to our organization, even as you are spending more at the pump? Buy gift cards from the nation’s leading gasoline suppliers and use them when you fill up at the pump and help WCCS.
  • Grocery – Giant Eagle, Walmart, and more!
    Raising money for WCCS is as easy as keeping your kitchen pantry stocked. Use gift cards for the purchases you were already going to make and donate to our school at the same time!
  • Shopping – Old Navy, Aeropostale, American Eagle, JC Penney, Walgreens, CVS, Lowes and more!
    Raising money for WCCS is as easy as doing your everyday shopping! Find gift cards from over 300 national and local retailers for everything from groceries, clothing, home improvement and entertainment. Donating money to WCCS is as easy as stocking up on the newest fashions, best selling books or everday necessities.

Please call the school office with any questions!

Support Wood County Christian School when you shop for items at Amazon. #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon donates.

Support WCCS when you shop for back-to-school items. #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon donates.

Dr. Larry W. Carr, P.C.

Elliott Financial Group

Foggy Dale Farms

GYN Associates-Parkersburg (Dr. Michael Shockley)

Hobart Sales & Service

La-Jon Inc.

Ohio Valley University

One Community Federal Credit Union

Renee’s Birkenstock

Green Kiwi

Stoked Coffee

We thank these businesses for supporting us at our annual Vision Banquet


Burger King


Mountaineer Power and Fiber Optics, LLC