Third Grade


The goal of the Bible curriculum in the third grade is to engage students in their own Christian growth.  To this end, the Bible time is set up as a time of discussion, personal Bible reading, quiet reflection, and private journaling.



The goal of language instruction is to foster an appreciation of language as a gift from God that equips humans uniquely among the created order.  As such, students are taught to develop the correct use of grammar in the spoken and written word.



The spelling curriculum is designed to teach spelling patterns and strategies for application.  Lessons include word sorting (by letter patterns), word study, proofreading, dictionary skills, and writing application activities.



Proper technique and formation in penmanship is taught and reinforced in the third grade.  Everything in the third grade is written in cursive.



The third grade reading curriculum uses several different reading books to increase comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary which promotes good character through age-appropriate stories.



After a quick review of addition and subtraction facts, students will begin to learn multiplication.  Mastery of multiplication is expected in the third grade.  Division, fractions, averaging, and simple measurements will also be covered.



The third grade history curriculum studies the working of God in the history of America through the biographies of some of the prominent Americans who had an impact on our country.



The third grade science curriculum endeavors to establish a biblical worldview upon which all scientific discoveries are based.   It emphasizes a knowledge of God and His creation, and man’s role in stewarding that creation.   To that end, the curriculum promotes scientific literacy by teaching through active participation in the scientific method.


Third Grade Specials: 



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Physical Education