Sixth Grade


The theme of Bible class is Redemption: God’s grand design. Students will see how God’s plan from the beginning was to give a picture of His love and redemption for His creation. The work-text, lessons, and weekly memory verses all align to paint this wonderful picture of our Redeemer.



English highlights grammar and the writing process.  Guided and independent practice, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews are modes of student engagement for concept reinforcement.



God’s gift of language enables us to communicate.   Writing is one avenue of propagating thought.  This course promotes the development of spelling consciousness in the field of language.



Sixth grade students delve into readers containing a variety of stories, poems, and vocabulary.  Character themes are presented when applicable.  Reading comprehension skill sheets further enhance this discipline.



As students prepare for middle school math, this course covers a wide variety of topics ranging from basic mathematics to pre-algebra. Students will be introduced to the interactions of fractions and ratios, decimals, and percentages.  Students will use methods such as drills, quizzes, and critical thinking problems to reinforce their learning.



History 6 is the exciting story of our country’s history and shows God ‘s intervention throughout the founding of our nation.  Students will learn about the history and geography of the Western Hemisphere.  They will memorize the American’s Creed, part of The Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, become familiar with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and be able to locate U.S. states and capitals.  Seeing history through this biblical worldview will help students gain wisdom about the past in order to make better decisions for the present and future.



Students will investigate many disciplines including earth, life, and physical sciences. Students will gain an understanding of how God created science to demonstrate His power over His creation. Students have the opportunity to participate interactively through projects and interesting lessons.


Sixth Grade Specials: 



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Physical Education



Noteworthy Chorale (optional)

Band (optional)