Second Grade


Second grade Bible includes Christian worldview shaping through memorizing Bible verses, singing, praying, and learning Bible lessons.  Beginning Bible study skills are also explored.



Second grade English fosters an appreciation of language as a gift from God.  Students develop the correct use of grammar, begin learning the writing process, and develop reference skills.



Second grade spelling emphasizes word sorting, word study, proofreading, dictionary skills, and writing application.  The students study grade-appropriate words and enjoy hands-on review activities.



Second graders polish their manuscript writing habits and learn cursive writing.  The writing habits learned in second grade will greatly influence their writing skills throughout their lives.



Second grade reading uses the phonics foundation to polish reading skills.   Decoding, expression, and comprehension skills are developed.  Students learn to read God’s Word and other literature.



Arithmetic emphasizes addition and subtraction basic facts along with regrouping.  The concepts of multiplication and division are also introduced.   Number “sense” is emphasized by studying place value and problem solving.  Manipulatives and review games help to make learning fun.



Throughout this course, second grade students develop an interest in history, geography, citizenship, economics, and culture.  This course equips the student to discern connections between events and organize information in chronological order.



Second grade science develops a knowledge of God through His creation.  Life cycles, fossils, conservation, and earth science are just a few of the concepts studied.  The scientific process is studied in depth and used in activities and hands-on experiments.


Second Grade Specials: 



Physical Education