The K5 (five-year-old kindergarten) class operates 5 days a week from 8:05 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.  This class provides children with an educational experience that will nurture not only their mind, but also their spirit.



The children learn that the Bible is God’s Word.  They learn how to apply knowledge of the Bible to their daily lives. Each lesson emphasizes the personal need for a Savior and instills a desire in every child to know more about God.  Students learn about the patriarchs of the faith through their daily lessons.  Chapel takes place on Wednesdays, where God’s Word is shared by a teacher or a pastor.



K-5 students learn how to read by the use of  phonics. Children learn, review, and apply what they learn—sounds of vowels and consonants, blends, one-vowel and two-vowel words, words with special sounds, and sentence comprehension. The constant reviewing and applying enhances the students’ reading ability.




K-5 students learn how to write properly, as they are instructed on proper pencil grip, posture, spacing, and paper position. Students use these skills as they print letters, blends, and words. They also use these skills when printing their first and last names.



K-5 students will learn to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100, addition concepts up to 10, and the beginning of the subtraction concept. They will also learn the value of coins and dollars, time to the hour, time to the half-hour, calendar concepts, and the fraction of one-half.


Social Studies

Students’ sights are broadened as they learn how God uses children to accomplish His will throughout their home, community, country, and world.  Fun activities and coloring pages teach about community helpers, America, and children of different countries.



Students learn about God’s plan for the universe and for their own lives. God’s creation and design for the weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore are highlighted through their colorful science book.



K-5 students learn the colors and geometric shapes, manners, health and safety procedures, and scissor skills.


K-5 Specials: 



Physical Education