Fourth Grade


Fourth grade Bible instruction is organized into ten thematic units that surveys selected portions of the Old and New Testaments. Bible is an academic subject that includes Bible memory assignments, but the goal is to teach the students to know, love, and live the Bible!  Bible class time strives to instill a desire in students to know more about God, promotes understanding and application of Bible knowledge to daily life, and provides a systematic plan for the practice of Bible skills.



The study of English in fourth grade fosters an appreciation of language as a gift from God. English class develops the correct use of English grammar in written and oral communication. The curriculum contains identification of the eight parts of speech, sentence types, diagrams, the writing process, and reference skills.



Spelling instruction equips the student to apply spelling skills in order to produce accurate, God- honoring written communication. Weekly list lessons include word sorting according to phonetic rules, word study, proofreading, dictionary skills, and writing application activities.



Fourth graders continue perfecting their cursive writing skills. Correct letter formations are introduced/reinforced at the beginning of the year. Students are expected to demonstrate correct formation, spacing, letter size, slant, proportion, as well as overall neatness and good appearance. 



The fourth grade reading program is designed to produce independent readers and writers and to provide outstanding literary and character-building selections. The program promotes reading comprehension, decoding, reading the Bible with understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of good literature, enriched vocabulary, and good character traits. 



Fourth Graders should have complete mastery of addition and subtraction upon entering fourth grade. The fourth graders are expected to know the 0—12 multiplication tables as this knowledge is necessary to progress onto more complex processes such as long division, larger multiplication problems, measurement equations, factoring, fractions, algebra, beginning geometry, and multiple step story problems.



The focus of the fourth grade history is to develop a biblical worldview through the study of American history (1400’s to the present). To develop a proper perspective of their heritage, students need to learn/remember facts about history/geography. The class enjoys several field trips to enhance their understanding of the Ohio Valley history.



The fourth grade science curriculum contains ten units of study: Living Things, Insects and Spiders, Plants, Forces and Machines, Electricity and Magnetism, Light, The Moon, Water and Oceans, Weathering and Erosion, and The Earth’s Resources with supplemental units of study in health: Digestion, Bones, and Muscles.


Fourth Grade Specials:



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Physical Education



Noteworthy Chorale (optional)