First Grade


First grade students study creation, the patriarchs, and the life of Christ in the Bible.  Students love Bible as lively music and Bible memorization is incorporated into their daily Bible lessons.  Students attend chapel on Wednesdays where a teacher or a pastor brings a challenge from God’s Word.



First graders learn foundational English skills that will prepare them to read and write with understanding and enjoyment.  They learn basic grammar that will be used in future creative writing.



Spelling is a part of the first grade reading and phonics. Words are based on the

phonetic rule studied for that week.



Recognizing the importance of honing fine motor skills, first graders use and daily practice

manuscript handwriting.



Reading is taught using a phonetic-based curriculum giving ninety minutes a day to

phonics, guided reading groups, and fun games.



First graders master addition and subtraction facts to 10 and are introduced to facts up to 18. Life skills of telling time, counting money, and solving word problems are included. Skip counting, a skill later used in  multiplication, is taught through songs that are exciting and fun.  Students also learn to analyze data and geometric shapes.



The history curriculum is supplemented with literature- based themes and activities. First graders love learning about the country’s founding fathers.



Science is accentuated with hands- on- activities and yearly field trips to a children’s museum and planetarium.


First Grade Specials: 



Physical Education