Fifth Grade


In fifth grade Bible, students are encouraged to grow in grace and knowledge by memorizing a weekly Bible verse.   Throughout the year students are taught many lessons in which they learn about God’s judgment and grace.  This helps to build godly character and obedience with a focus on evangelism and missions.  Lessons are taught using accounts from the Bible as well as stories about many heroes of the faith and missionaries.  Students also attend a weekly chapel service.



Fifth grade English alternates between grammar lessons and writing units.  Grammar lessons review and expand on previously learned concepts through daily guided lessons and independent practice.  Writing units reinforce the writing steps as students apply their grammar skills when completing writing assignments such as: sense poems, book reports, and personal narratives.



Spelling challenges each student to use written language to communicate effectively.  Students learn spelling patterns and strategies for application.  Students will be equipped to use effective proofreading and dictionary skills. Finally, students will incorporate meaningful writing experiences with their spelling consciousness.



Fifth graders continue to develop the reading skills of fluency, accuracy, and expression through daily reading assignments.  They also expand their word knowledge through weekly vocabulary assignments and activities.  Students will also read novels throughout the year and participate in book report activities.



Students learn about and develop an understanding about such topics as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, graphs, and algebraic equations through daily lessons, review games, speed drills, in-class/small work groups.



Old World History is the focus of study in fifth grade.  After a quick introduction about the purpose of studying history and geography, students begin learning about many different time periods.  This begins with the Fertile Crescent, Ancient Middle East, the Far East, and Ancient Greece and then moves throughout the years to modern Middle East, Africa, England and the British Isles.  Students also study  geographical information about each of the continents.



Science lessons are taught based on a Christian worldview foundation, in which students learn that God is the Creator of everything, that people are important to God, and people were put on earth by God to have dominion and authority over God’s creation.  Students are encouraged to explore God’s world through a variety of methods including: reading, videos, hands-on activities, and experiments.  Among the many topics covered in fifth grade science are: fossils and dinosaurs, biomes, weather, and minerals and rocks.


Fifth Grade Specials: 



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Physical Education



Noteworthy Chorale (optional)

Band (optional)