The goal of this course is to help students develop a Biblical Christian worldview. Students will learn how to develop their ability to defend their faith and witness to others, as well as to discern how God desires for us to live what we believe. Memory verses will be required for the class as well as thought-provoking discussion.



This course begins with further study of the parts of speech, sentences, and correct usage and includes development of writing skills through essay and report assignments.  The study and analysis of literature through stories, poetry, and prose will develop critical thinking skills as students focus on character, theme, plot, and point of view.  Communication skills will be developed through group discussion and analysis, focusing on textual support for application.  Development of vocabulary and memorization of poetry are included as well as written and oral book reports.


Math 8

This course reinforces the concepts of operations with decimals, fractions, and integers. Geometric concepts such as polygons, congruence, similarity, and area are reviewed and expanded. Probability, combinations, and permutations are discussed. Algebra concepts such as order of operations, solving inequalities and equations, operations with polynomials, and graphing lines are also taught.


History 8

In this course the student will move through American history from its discovery, to birth, to present day. While studying the story of our great nation the student will recognize the cycle civilization tends toward while learning how we as a nation and individuals can change our course for the future. This is all done while examining how history as a whole fits into the greater story written by our Creator.


Science 8

This course is a study of the physical aspects of our planet and the solar system. This class includes studying the universe above our planet and the land under our feet. It speaks of the glory of God’s power in his exceptional creation.


Physical Education

In this course the student will learn mental, social, and physical well-being. The student will also be introduced to principles of exercise, fitness, and movement skills. This will be accomplished through team and individual games and fitness training to promote mental, social, and physical well-being.



Students study healthy lifestyles by examining what the Bible has to say about maintaining a healthy mode of living.  Drug abuse, eating habits, and exercise are a few of the topics covered in the class.


Computer Basics

This course is an introductory course in computers and information processing to provide an understanding in the fundamentals of computers and information processing so that students may be able to understand what a computer is and how it operates.  Students will recognize and identify a computer system, input, processing and output devices, operating systems and all the associated computer terminology that goes with it.  Students will spend time on the computers doing varied internet assignments and searches.  The student will be introduced to Microsoft Publisher and do associated projects (flyers, announcements, cards, etc.).




The General Art program will provide guidance in in the elements of and design of art. This class curriculum will focus on art history and art movements. The students will use a variety of material to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional projects including oil pastels, watercolor pencils/pastels, dry pastels, air-hardened clay, ink, charcoal, drawing pencils and acrylic paint on canvass.


Band                                                                                      Prerequisite: General knowledge of instrument.

While continuing to focus on the fundamentals of music, this group will expand into learning more difficult technical concepts such as: intonation, quality of sound, advanced rhythms, and alternate instrument fingerings. Students will perform as an ensemble and may be asked to perform solos.



This class focuses on the Technology and Engineering aspects of STEM by introducing students to exciting world of Robotics using the Legos. Students will plan, build, and program a variety of fun and intriguing technology-based structures throughout the year. Additionally, students will study related areas of robotics that include electricity, circuits, micro computing, and programming.



This course is a performance-based class.  Students spend most of their time preparing for performances.  Students will perform throughout the school year at special events including chapel.  Students will learn many types of music along with basic music theory and sight-reading skills.  There are also several events during the school year and Fine Arts competition in the spring.  Choir also offers opportunities for students to develop team building and leadership skills.