High School

Required Courses

Health (12)

(1 credit) Required

The Senior Health class will provide guidance and emphasis on caring for God’s temple, our body. The students will be given hands-on activities, projects, field trips, and guest speakers to encourage a

healthier lifestyle. Throughout the school year, topics will include: body basics system, mental and emotional health, nutrition, exercise, safety, and CPR training, as well as the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.


College Prep (11)

(.5 Credit) Required

The College Preparatory Class is to guide and encourage the students to consider the different pathways available after high school. The students will be given the practice ACT & SAT tests with guidance on college and technical school entrance exams. Financial Literacy for banking, savings, payment types, credit cards, credit scores, financing higher leaning, and taxes with assessments after each topic will be covered. Seminars on communication skills, resume formatting, and the interview process will also be covered. A variety of Guest speakers will be giving seminars on the following topics: colleges, careers, internet safety, and armed forces and the military. The students will travel to the local colleges for campus tours.


Physical Education (9-10)

(.5 Credit) Required

In this course the student will learn mental, social and physical well-being. The student will also be introduced to principles of exercise, fitness, and movement skills. This will be accomplished through team and individual games and fitness training to promote mental, social, and physical well-being.