Bible 9

(.5 credit) Required

The first semester will survey competing worldviews. The students will follow the journey of a teenager as he familiarizes himself with the history, tenets, and weaknesses of Hinduism, Buddhism, secular Humanism, and postmodernism. This journey is completed while contrasting each belief with the truth of Jesus Christ. During the second semester, the students will learn that everything is meaningless until viewed through the eyes and will of God as they walk through the book of Ecclesiastes and the supplemental text provided.


Bible 10

(.5 credit) Required

In the first semester, the students will familiarize themselves with five key aspects of systematic theology: theology proper, anthropology, Christology, soteriology, and ecclesiology. By preparing their minds in this way, the students will become more effective and productive followers of Jesus Christ. In the second semester, students look at who Jesus really is. A different approach will be taken by looking through the eyes of Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses before studying what the Bible and history teach about the real Jesus.


Bible 11

(.5 Credit) Required

This course provides an overview of many New Testament epistles, focusing on the life of Christ. The course begins with a study of the prison epistles, followed by pastoral epistles. The general epistles of James, 1 and 2 Peter, Hebrews, Jude, and 1,2,and 3 John are studied next. The text also emphasizes the application of the truths demonstrated in one’s daily life. Background information for each epistle is reviewed. The course concludes with an in-depth review of the book of Revelation.


Bible 12

(.5 Credit) Required

Mark 12:30-31 is the focus of senior Bible. Loving God completely by knowing Him, studying the Bible and worshipping Him are some of the first topics reviewed. Other topics such as service, sanctification, and purity are also studied. The second portion of the course focuses on loving one’s neighbor. Students review relationships in the home, the local church, and society as a whole through the eye of scripture.