7th Grade


The 7th grade curriculum for Bible is a study of the Life of Christ. Topics covered will be Christ’s Character, His example and major experiences with a heavy focus on Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, as well as Christ’s miracles, parables, and other teachings. Memory verses will be required, and the curriculum topics will not only be covered but also discussed regarding their application to our lives as Christians.



This course includes teaching grammar usage and mechanics, using literature as the hub around which the writing, grammar, and vocabulary revolves. Through various hands-on group projects the student will learn the elements of story as well as critically analyze and portray story using various media outlets.



Pre-algebra and statistics concepts are introduced and graphed. Solving equations and inequalities is included. An in-depth study of proportions, percent, expressions, and patterns will be undertaken. The concepts of negative numbers, integers and rational numbers will be reinforced. Calculating and graphing statistical displays, along with graphing transformations will be studied.



This history course begins with the foundation of the world as God’s creation and ends at the start of the 20th century. This course focuses on Western Civilization, examining mainly the development of Europe as well as parts of the Middle East and Far East. This class helps students break out of their mindset of viewing the world only from an American perspective. It instructs by evaluating information on the path of World History with Christ as its turning-point.



This course is a life science class that examines the plant kingdom from the smallest microorganism to the largest redwood tree and the animal kingdom from bacteria to elephants. There is special emphasis on the biomes and ecosystems of the world.


Physical Education

The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up to games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students will have opportunities to become involved in life long physical conditioning activities. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play and friendly competition.


Study Skills

This course will help students build the skills needed to manage their time and activities as they move through school and into their careers. Students will learn how to manage time and finances. They will be taught critical thinking skills through running a business and consider how the human brain works to enable them to study more effectively. They will develop daily strategies needed to navigate through high school. Students will use multiple platforms to accomplish these goals including textbooks, real life examples, online workshops, and videos.



This course is designed for students to learn basic keyboarding skills.  Students are taught keyboarding skills as well as number pad skills and word processing applications.  Students will use these skills to efficiently type documents.



The General Art program will provide guidance in developing aesthetic abilities in the student. The curriculum emphasizes creativity and the artistic process. The students will be introduced to a variety of different mediums through two-dimensional and three-dimensional approaches to creating and responding to visual arts.  This class includes creative projects using oil pastels, watercolor pencils/pastels, dry pastels, air-hardened clay, ink, charcoal, drawing pencils and acrylic paint on canvass.


Band                                                                                      Prerequisite: General knowledge of instrument.

While continuing to focus on the fundamentals of music, this group will expand into learning more difficult technical concepts such as: intonation, quality of sound, advanced rhythms, and alternate instrument fingerings. Students will perform as an ensemble and may be asked to perform solos.



This class focuses on the Technology and Engineering aspects of STEM by introducing students to exciting world of Robotics using the Legos. Students will plan, build, and program a variety of fun and intriguing technology-based structures throughout the year. Additionally, students will study related areas of robotics that include electricity, circuits, micro computing, and programming.



This course is a performance-based class.  Students spend most of their time preparing for performances.  Students will perform throughout the school year at special events including chapel.  Students will learn many types of music along with basic music theory and sight-reading skills.  There are also several events during the school year and Fine Arts competition in the spring.  Choir also offers opportunities for students to develop team building and leadership skills.